The thought came across to me today about internet security and I remembered a point in my history where my account for World of Warcraft was compromised. Let me give you the short version of it.

One day I received an email from Blizzard Entertainment telling me my account was banned for suspicion of illegal use. I immediately fired up WoW to check and see if this was another of those imposter emails. It was not. My account was in fact banned. Panicked, I immediately found Blizzard's customer support telephone number and phoned. I began losing my temper on the poor sap who answered the phone because I knew that I was not doing anything against their terms of service. The email stated I was using my account for gold farming. I laughed at him and said I was lucky if I had 1000 gold. He asked me to log into the WoW Armory, look up my character, and tell him what I was wearing for gear. I did so. My character was naked. He informed me that my account was compromised and that someone took all my stuff and used my account for illegal gold farming. Shocked I asked how could this have been done? He instructed my to download and install Malwarebytes and to run a scan. He said he would wait on the phone for the results of the scan. Once the scan was done I was shocked to find out there was a key logger installed on my PC. We used Malwarebytes to remove it. He said they would release my account back to me but first we needed to change the password and then it could take up to 48 hours before I could play my character again. He also instructed me to get and attach an authenticator to my account so that in the future this could never happen again, even if they got my password. 

Now I run these programs on my PC to keep it running smooth and virus free:

I worked at a computer store for about a year and I found the trouble with running any other virus programs was the PC would get bogged down no matter how much of a super computer it was. Programs like Norton, AVG, Avast and so on were not necessary when Windows comes with basic built in protection. Programs like Superantispyware removes things like tracking cookies and some other adware/spyware type software and files that simply browsing a website can install. Malwarebytes removes naughty stuff like key loggers or trojans. CCcleaner removes other tracking cookies, cleans out temporary internet files that get stored on your PC from  every site you browse as well as repairs windows registry errors that happen from everyday computer use. I can assure you that using these programs together will keep your PC running smooth and bug free. I have even simply run CCleaner alone to speed up friends computers with success.

Most if not all of us nowadays have a smart phone. If you haven't already you need to get the Blizzard Authenticator app and attach it to your WoW account. With the authenticator attached to your account, everytime you log into WoW on your PC, especially from a new device, it will ask your permission on your phone VIA a popup notification, or it will ask you for the code that appears on your phone screen. You can set to remember and trust your device so that you do not have to perform this every time though. This eliminates anyone ever getting into your WoW account. Here you can find more info on the Blizzard Authenticator app. You also will get a Pet and increased backpack size

Today we added a couple new things to our Discord server. One of these things is an automatic news feed powered by Wohead Discord bot. This feed can be found in the #news channel in our Discord server.

The fun doesn't stop there though. We have also added another bot called Jeeves. To see what he can do members can type !help in the #general channel of our Discord server. You will then be private messaged by the Jeeves bot with other available commands. Keep in mind all of these commands will have to be typed into the channel. 

An example of some of the commands are: "What is the current going rate for WoW Token's?" Type !wowtoken in the channel and the bot will tell you. "How about the going rate for Primal Fire?" Type !pricecheck Primal Fire in the channel and it will show you the going rates powered by Tradeskill Master.

Also the Discord server is set to sort user permissions based on their role which is also synced with their in game rank. This feature re-syncs every 3 hours. User must link their Discord account with their Blizzard account by typing !auth in the #general channel in our Discord server.

Fascinating stuff. Keep your eyes and ears posted for more updates!

We have been looking into methods of voice communication for the guild and watching what the latest trends for software choice are. There are a couple of options available to us currently. Blizzard has returned the ingame voice chat system and we have done a minimal amount of testing on it so far. It seems to be fairly solid now compared to the earlier version of it. This will currently be set as our default method of communication ingame. There are a few voice and text channels available to us both in game and outside of it. We all know the /g Guild chat. Well now there is a voice version of it as well. You can find it by opening the Guild window (by pushing J), making sure you are on the "Chat" tab and then clicking the headset icon located on the top right of that window. There is also now a Cavaliers of Virtue community chat channel with text and voice as well. Currently you access it using the same methods, opening the "Guild & Communities" window (or push the J key) If you do not have a tab on the left side of that window that is blue and says "Cavaliers of Virtue" then click this link This will get you into our Community chat. The same methods are available as in the Guild chat. There is a headset icon in the top right of the window of the Chat tab. Another method to reach all this is by pushing the "T" key. This will bring up a window called "Chat Channels" There you can see all the channels, who is in them, and click the headsets to voice chat. All we ask is if you have a noisy background, please use the "Push to Talk" feature by clicking on the "Settings" button.

There is another method which will allow us to communicate both inside and outside of the game and that method is Discord. We have an official Discord server, which does not cost the guild or any players money to use. Discord allows users to communicate via text, voice, and even video while ingame or out of game as well as it has a free mobile app which allows all of the said above too. This could easily become or main line of communication for the guild but that is yet to be determined. Whats the catch? User would have to have an extra program running. No different from the Teamspeak days though really. But wait, is that a catch? You don't even need the Discord program installed in your computer if you don't want to. You can also run all this from your web browser if you so choose. The link for our Discord server is here The same rules apply here as they are for the Community and Guild chat channels.

Diablo III now allows for clans\guilds. CoV now has an official presence in Diablo III.  I encourage you to join if you do indeed play.  Please use the Clan Finder and find CoV to request to join.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

The Cavaliers of Virtue is a realm first level 25 guild on the Blade's Edge server. We allow anyone 18 years or older into our guild and currently contain more than 800 members including some alts. WoW is a pay to play game costing as little as $15.00 a month (USD). There has been a number of expansions but now players can just dive right in with the starter bundle and play all the way up to level 85. Then to continue they would need to buy the latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria. Not sure if you want to sink money into a subscription based mmorpg? No problem. Try the free edition and play up to level 20 to see if this game is for you. Check out more details located here...