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Spartagus tago posted Oct 15, 18  -  Communication

We have been looking into methods of voice communication for the guild and watching what the latest trends for software choice are. There are a couple of options available to us currently. Blizzard has returned the ingame voice chat system and we have done a minimal amount of testing on it so far. It seems to be fairly solid now compared to the earlier version of it. This will currently be set as our default method of communication ingame. There are a few voice and text channels available to us both in game and outside of it. We all know the /g Guild chat. Well now there is a voice version of it as well. You can find it by opening the Guild window (by pushing J), making sure you are on the "Chat" tab and then clicking the headset icon located on the top right of that window. There is also now a Cavaliers of Virtue community chat channel with text and voice as well. Currently you access it using the same methods, opening the "Guild & Communities" window (or push the J key) If you do not have a tab on the left side of that window that is blue and says "Cavaliers of Virtue" then click this link This will get you into our Community chat. The same methods are available as in the Guild chat. There is a headset icon in the top right of the window of the Chat tab. Another method to reach all this is by pushing the "T" key. This will bring up a window called "Chat Channels" There you can see all the channels, who is in them, and click the headsets to voice chat. All we ask is if you have a noisy background, please use the "Push to Talk" feature by clicking on the "Settings" button.

There is another method which will allow us to communicate both inside and outside of the game and that method is Discord. We have an official Discord server, which does not cost the guild or any players money to use. Discord allows users to communicate via text, voice, and even video while ingame or out of game as well as it has a free mobile app which allows all of the said above too. This could easily become or main line of communication for the guild but that is yet to be determined. Whats the catch? User would have to have an extra program running. No different from the Teamspeak days though really. But wait, is that a catch? You don't even need the Discord program installed in your computer if you don't want to. You can also run all this from your web browser if you so choose. The link for our Discord server is here The same rules apply here as they are for the Community and Guild chat channels.

Diablo III now allows for clans\guilds. CoV now has an official presence in Diablo III.  I encourage you to join if you do indeed play.  Please use the Clan Finder and find CoV to request to join.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

The Cavaliers of Virtue is a realm first level 25 guild on the Blade's Edge server. We allow anyone 18 years or older into our guild and currently contain more than 800 members including some alts. WoW is a pay to play game costing as little as $15.00 a month (USD). There has been a number of expansions but now players can just dive right in with the starter bundle and play all the way up to level 85. Then to continue they would need to buy the latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria. Not sure if you want to sink money into a subscription based mmorpg? No problem. Try the free edition and play up to level 20 to see if this game is for you. Check out more details located here...

Welcome everyone, to the Cavaliers of Virtue!

The Cavaliers of Virtue is an adult multi-gaming group. We have a casual World of Warcraft guild on the Blade's Edge (US) Server. We also have a sister guild of the Horde, Cavaliers of Darkness.  We have been in existence since approximately 1995 through Ultima Online and Everquest. In World of Warcraft we are the Blade's Edge "Realm First Level 25 Guild" which could only be achieved through the dedication of our members.

The Cavaliers of Virtue is not a hard core raiding guild that requires its members to be online ready to play at any certain time and/or day. We are a casual guild that has a friendly considerate environment. As we grow, we will put together raid/dungeon runs for gear upgrades, personal/guild achievements, explore new content, or just for fun. If PvP is your desire we do Arena and Battle Grounds as well.  Lastly, if you just like to level toons in an outstanding social adult atmosphere you've found the right place.  We have very few requirements or restrictions: be a mature adult (over the age of 18), uphold the Code of Ethics, and most importantly have fun.

Cavaliers of Virtue is  also in the world of Guild Wars 2 on the Dragonbrand server and RIFT on Greybriar server.
We have a Minecraft Server set called Cavaliers of Virtue and it can be found on our Minecraft page. The server IP is We are a survival server. We will also be hosting mini games like Skyblock, Mob Arena, PvP Arena, maybe some Parkour and possibly Factions or mcMMO. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in signing up to our guild start off by registering here on our site and then you NEED to fill out one of our applications for whichever game you are signing up for.

With honor and virtue comes greatness….
Together, we are strong! Together, we are Cavaliers of Virtue!